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6 APIs Frontend Developers Should Know

6 APIs Frontend Developers Should Know

Frontend plays a vital role in the development process. It is the creation of the graphical user interface of a website. Frontend refers to the client-side that allows users to interact with.
APIs (Application Program Interfaces) are valuable tools. API integration services help increase the developers’ performance and save considerable time.

1. JSONPlaceholder

JSONPlaceholder is a popular frontend development API. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is called a developer’s image placeholder. Initially, developers used JSONPlace holder for prototyping and testing.
Furthermore, JSONPlaceholder provides a fake REST API. It is an online service that can access from anywhere and at any time. It is also popular to fill gaps in the testing process.

Features of JSONPlaceholder:

  • Developers don’t require any registration.

2. Fake Store API

The fake store is majorly used for e-commerce or shopping website prototypes, and it provides dummy data for shopping web application platforms. Fake Store API help developers to quickly test the frontend store with Pseudo-real data without running any server-side code.
Moreover, the Fake store API supports all types of HTTM methods ( (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE). Developers can use Fake Store API with any kind of project. For beginners, fake store restful API is essential for building the first e-commerce store. Undoubtedly, it replaces the lorem ipsum data type approach and helps to save a considerable amount of time for the developers.
The fake store API helps exclude the content-related concern and focuses on design interactivity.

Provides resources for:

  • Products

3. Unsplash API

The Unsplash API is a modern JSON API. It is the most powerful photo engine, providing 600k+ free, quality, high-definition, license-free photos. Developers can use all the available images at zero cost.
  • Pictures can use for both personal and commercial use

According to Unsplash’s official site,

  • 42 million+ photo downloads/month
Developers can search photos easily by keyword, random images, and multiple datasets.

4. Quotes API

The Quotes API offers feature-rich access to the quotes platforms. It is a platform for documentation of world-famous quotes API, allowing to create and manage their own quotes, and users require an API key to access the service.

The Quotes API offers all types of quotes that include:

  • Quote of the day

5. RandomUser

The random user API is beneficial for beginners, and it provides randomly generated users to be used as placeholders for testing purposes.
  • Makes the tool similar to Lorem Ipsum

6. Coingecko

It is known as the most comprehensive cryptocurrency API, and Coingecko is a one-stop platform for all crypto needs. Many more APIs are available, but Coingecko is considered the best among all of them.
To use Coingecko API developers don’t require any API key, it is free to use and the best platform for side projects.

Coingecko API offers:

  • Coin price


The front end is the crucial development part. Developers must focus on different attributes to make the interface interactive and user-friendly. Several API helps to increase the developer’s performance and save time. This blog has listed the best frontend development API for the development process.